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Unlike flat 2D websites 3D virtual real estate offers distinct competitive advantages
PCRE has invested 8 years of R&D to develop virtual real estate for business.

Display images, text,  streaming media, and text chat

Intuitive Navigation: Human beings naturally interpret information in 3 dimensions. Virtual Reality applies this fundamental human viewpoint to the internet. Know a place because you've been there

Customer Service: See exactly what your customers are looking at in real time, meet them live

Additional Revenues or marketing benefits: Live events inside of your 3D store or 3D event venue

Virtual simulcasts:  Events that happen in the real world and in your virtual reality venue at the exact same time. Stars, speakers, product managers, or instructors can interact live with the virtual and real world audience. Both audiences can interact with each other

Proximity creates value: A prominent place next door increases the value of your property - without necessary hyperlink

Branding: Enable people to socially interact inside of your brand. Every real world city features public squares and meeting places where people come to spend time together. Why shouldn't this place be inside of your brand?

Brand Colony: Your customers, fans, clients or team members can colonize the land surrounding your 3D virtual real estate. They can even be creative and build their own 3D home (personal 3D website)

Not a video game but organic virtual reality: Other than in a video game, "YOUR BRAND IS THE STORY" and a 3D place for your brand can be developed much faster and for a fraction of the cost. While multi-player gamers expect a fictional reality, Peace City is bridges the gap between reality and virtual reality 

Organic environment - marketing in real time:  You can implement marketing activities in real time. 2D websites and videogame based technologies can not be changed "on the fly". They can only evolve within previously  programmed parameters. Peace City virtual reality is live and organic. You can even watch a building being built in front of you

Low implementation costs: Complex 3D environments can be built for a fraction of the costs for 3D graphics in flash or video game based technologies

Fast implementation time: Even large 3D department stores can be implemented in a matter of weeks not months

PCRE offers 3 distinct packages of Peace City Virtual Real Estate

3D websites for small and medium Businesses

Specials start at under $4000

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3D websites for retailers,
entertainment industry,
film companies,
TV networks
& cable companies


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3D simulcasts for any entertainment event,
live  event,
company event,
sales presentation or educational event
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Small business and Enterprise solutions can be implemented within weeks and Virtual Reality Simulcasts can be added to any event your company or organization is planning.



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Featured Retail Store

Case Study: The Target Store

The virtual 3D Target store features isles with kiosks containing all of the main product categories available online. The 3D store is integrated with the target.com which allows for all products to be purchased. A customer service section offers a platform for visual online customer service.
Featured Entertainment Company

World Entertainment

The WE building features a screening room showcasing a trailer of WE's latest project. The DVD of the movie can be purchased inside of the building through an amazon.com shopping cart.















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