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The quantum theory proposes a dual nature for both waves and particles and the simultaneous occurrence thereof. Inspired by this theory PCI developed the idea of the VIRTUAL REALITY SIMULCAST 1998 -2007 PCRE.

The difference to broadcasts is that all participants can interact with each other.

This means:

  • 1 event > 2 locations
  • 1 event > 2 interactive audiences
  • 1 event > 2 revenue sources


Maximize the ROI of your event by allowing people in other cities, states or countries to participate

Our package includes:

  1. Turn-Key 3D venue (Virtual Real Estate for 3D event venue)
  2. Bandwidth (room) for virtual audience
  3. Construction of virtual reality venue
  4. Event management of virtual reality event
  5. Hardware such as projection screens, projectors & flat-screens at physical event to display virtual reality event
  6. Computers at physical event
  7. Camera to broadcast the live event into virtual reality (Optional camera crew with multiple cameras as well as control room where the director chooses the live feed that goes into virtual reality or on the video wall of the physical event)
  8. "Intertainers": entertainers who function as a liaison between the live audience and the virtual reality audience. "Intertainers" interview stars and speakers for the virtual reality audience, moderate celebrity chats, keep virtual audiences current on developments in the physical event, invite the live audience to interact with the virtual audience and more.


  • More exposure
  • Additional revenues
  • Live interaction between your stars, speakers, product managers, instructors, VIP-guests and the virtual reality audience
  • Live interaction of the virtual reality audience and the live real world audience in real time

The following event types can be duplicated or accompanied by simultaneous virtual reality events:


  1. Conventions and Trade Shows
  2. International and national conferences, seminars, and meetings
  3. National launches for products and startups
  4. Sales dinners, receptions, hospitality suites, and cocktail parties
  5. Incentive programs, award banquets, and morale/team building activities
  6. Seasonal, annual, and milestone celebrations
  7. Fundraising activities
  8. Product launches
  9. Holiday Sales Events
  10. Sales Promotions (Retailers)


  1. Movie Premieres
  2. Concerts
  3. Autograph Sessions
  4. Celebrity Appearances
  5. Award shows
  6. Festivals

Enterprise solutions can be implemented within weeks and Virtual Reality Simulcasts can be added to any event your company or organization is planning.




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Featured Event: Sickle Cell Celebrity Fundraiser
Case Study: Celebrity Fundraiser:
In this Hollywood Sickle Cell Celebrity Fundraiser by Kiki Shepard (Live At The Apollo), money was raised to benefit the Sickle Cell Disease Association Of America.
While celebrities and many others attended the live event, the virtual reality event took place simultaneously in a castle that was created by citizens of Peace City. This charity chateau features movies, slideshows, articles and other information about Sickle Cell. Virtual Visitors from 36 US states attended the event which they could have otherwise never attended.
They also chatted live with some of the celebrities.

As venue a virtual reality castle called "Charity Chateau" was built, featuring, videos, slideshows and extensive information about Sickle Cell.

Featured Case Study Keynote

Product Introduction Keynote
In this keynote a virtual audience participates in an open air plaza follows the speaker on a video wall in virtual reality and interacts live during the Q&A session with the speaker panel as well as the attendees.



Featured Case Study Pop Concert

Pop Concert
In order to protect the intellectual property the concert itself is not broadcast into the virtual reality amphitheater, but fans get exclusive "backstage access" to the concert including a live chat with the pop star.

The virtual reality amphitheater.


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