A Day At The Office Of The Future

You can run your business for a whole lot less money, 
save time, save the planet and look classy.


The NEW Way
(Actual Pictures):


The OLD Way
(Avoidable Pictures):

Please make your choice:

5 am

You turn off the alarm clock. Today you get to sleep in. No need to join the traffic jam.

  • More sleep

  • More time for family & friends


Your alarm clock rings. There are just not enough hours in the day to get the sleep you need.


9am - 5pm

Your professional receptionists are taking your calls and find you wherever you are. And yes you get an office phone number too.

  • An office phone number

  • A friendly voice to answer it


The good old answer machine is taking your calls ... or not...




  • Money saved - Gas

  • Time saved

  • Environment saved


Traffic made you late again for your meeting.


You take a meeting in your virtual conference room. You share designs, play your new radio commercial, critique your new TV commercial with the team and go over the PowerPoint sales presentation.


Peace City Patent Pending Conference System (Text, Pictures, Audio, Video)


11:30 am

Your conference room and office is there for you when you need it, in a comfortable, clean, safe and elegant neighborhood. The building and conference rooms are as classy as your reputation.

  • Elegant & affordable meeting space

  • Company image increased


Some office space costs a lot without offering much.


You have an important face to face meeting with your best client. You need to be there in person and you need to showcase your business as the class act it really is.


A classy office is usually too expensive in a difficult economy.

FREE! Complimentary coffee, tea & water

  • Money saved - coffee, cups, cleaning fees



1 pm

You decided to take notes down right after your meeting in your 
"on-demand" office which is there for you whenever you need it.
  • Money saved - don't pay while you're not using it


Too much to do, too little time, too little space too many expenses. The bad news. The office costs you even when you are not there.

COPY machine available

  • Money saved - initial investments, service and upkeep


NO COPIES  without prior extensive office investments


2 pm

BEFORE RUSH HOUR it's more fun to get home.

  • Money saved - Gas

  • Time saved - no need to double commute time during rush hour

  • Environment saved


During rush hour the same commute can take three times as long


2:30 pm - 3:30 pm


  • Money saved - airplane ticket, hotel, transportation

  • Time saved - days

  • Environment saved



Some of your team members and clients in Asia are already up and want to meet with you.



3:30 pm - 4 pm

You participate in a FREE business workshop by an accounting specialist.

  • Money saved - commute to workshop

  • Time saved - instant workshop

  • Some workshops are even FREE

  • Environment saved



5 pm


Dinner: Much Later

  • Money saved - airplane ticket, hotel, transportation

  • Time saved - days

  • Environment saved




... and just in case you need to meet with Europe at night ....


10 pm - 10:15 pm


  • Money saved - airplane ticket, hotel, transportation

  • Time saved - days

  • Environment saved



Late at night your European partners stop by. Cost saving VOIP included.







Your virtual secretary stays awake while you sleep. And No cleaning is necessary.


  • Money saved - cleaning company

  • Environment saved - less cleaning products necessary


Weekends 7:30 pm - 9 pm


Driving an average of 17 hours every month doesn't leave much extra time for other activities.

and even


You go to the virtual island to a business networking event.


Alternatively you participate in a live business networking event.

  • The 60 minute vacation ... Money saved - airplane ticket, hotel, transportation

  • Business is about relationships and connecting with people





The future is good!


Why we do what we do:

Help You Save Money
Less Stress! More Air!



Avoiding killer levels of smog


Avoiding The Down-Turn: Out of gas! - Out of money! - Out of Security!



Avoiding Stress, saving time: It could take you 0 (zero) minutes to "drive" to your office!



The New Freedom: Your cubicle just become open and mobile!



What would you do with almost 1 entire month extra time? How about the  vacation you always wanted to take?
Something to look forward to: One Day A Month ... One Day A Week ... or more



Being Closer To Family and Friends









































































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