What is your overhead? $6000/ month? Oh, You are only paying $1333/month? It still adds up to $15,996/year

Green Global Offices Start at $165

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  • Office Rent $6000 average per month. How much do you pay?
  • Commute GasHow much do you pay per day?
  • Commute Time 52 min a day (national average)
  • Cost Of Commute TimeHow much do you pay for the cost of time in traffice per day?
  • ParkingHow much do you pay for parking per day?
  • Meeting Commute GasCost of Fuel?
  • Meeting Commute Time Cost Of Time
  • Equipment, Copy Machine ... How much do you pay  before you start your first business day?
  • Receptionist: How much do you pay for a friendly receptionist?
  • Phone Number: Can you take your phone number with you as you expand?
  • Internet How much do you pay for internet?


Green Global Office Can Help You Save Up To 90% in overhead expenses.  







How much can you save?

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The Troubled Economy

The economy has been been crazy lately. The costs keep going up at a painful pace and the revenues keep going down. So where can you save money in your business? You are a good business owner so you continue to pay your suppliers, independent contractors, vendors and employees fairly. So where can you save money to offset the exploding costs. Energy in the long term will not come down because gas prices in the long term will go up as developing countries will need more and more oil. You cannot cut your technology spending if you want to stay competitive. So where can you save money?







The Money Saving Economy

There is a way to save money by doing things smarter, more streamlined and more efficiently. Which percentage of your work do you absolutely need to do at your office? Which percentage of your meetings do you absolutely need to conduct in person? Yes true, if you need to build a relationship, read body language or show your friendly smile you may want to take a meeting in person. But what about the weekly report meetings, where all you need is to look at the same graphs or pictures, read the same text or watch the same video. Do you really need to drive or fly just to stay in touch with your sales reps or  designers? We invented a solution for all your needs and save money at the same time... 


The Money Savings In Pictures:



Avoiding The Down-Turn: Out of gas! - Out of money! - Out of Security!

The Cost of Time. Less Stress! More Air!


The Health Related Costs Of Stress versus a relaxing Zero Hour Commute!



Your New Freedom: Your Office is Where The Work Is!



Something to look forward to: One Day A Month ... One Day A Week ... or more



Priceless: Being Closer To My Family!






























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