Available To You From Day One, Prebuilt Event Locations For Virtual Corporate Retreats, Business Training, Marketing Events, Promotional Events or Focus Groups 


If this is too old fashioned for you:

If this lavish business retreat is too expensive in a difficult economy:

Then we have an idea for you that works:

From any computer with an internet connection your team members can participate in cost saving virtual corporate retreats, meet and talk live using voice or instant message. Customers can buy products and watch live video or share powerpoint presentations.


After a tiny download your guests will land in your own office building or at the Main Airport

Helicopters will await your audience to take them to your event.

Hybrid Locations allow you to open parallel in a real Hollywood movie theater and at the same time in the virtual movie theater.


Real Functional Movie Theater!



Dramatic European Style Castles give your event a special flair


Visit the Library Of the Founder Of Peace City and get into the world's first 3D Book.


900+ prebuilt locations you can use for your events include a tropical paradise.

Multi day events feature a convention hotel where your participants can keep their notes.

Various spaces are designed to make your events as comfortable as possible.

Fun activities are included. By helicopter  the Peace City Mountain Resort can be reached where your audience can participate in events and even go snowboarding after.

Real life locations include scenic panorama islands such as Hawaii where very engaging events can take place.

For health related events you can choose an organic farm including multimedia capability in the barn and library connected to your downloadable event materials in the other barn

The Peace City Aquarium where you teach your audience about how to avoid swimming with the sharks.

Of course everything is accessible by helicopter from your Green Innovation Station or your Green Global Office.

Of course everything is accessible by helicopter from your Green Innovation Station or your Green Global Office, which means you can bring people back quick and easy to your own conference room if needed.


Your own Green Innovation Station and Studio offers a variety of locations such as a pool on the roof, a reception hall and a large park in the center


Some event locations are included with your Green Innovation Station.

Your events can include art exhibits



Get a VIP tour to the offices of the founder and the makers of Peace City.


The offices of the founder of Peace City features live real time video streams from all around the world







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