Underlying Original Concepts developed
during 10 year Peace City Experiment:

  1. 3d - dream it do it deliver it - innate ability of neocortex to learn through immersion and reality pre-caching
  2. Sustaineering - re-engineering sustainability in all processes
  3. Wisdomeering - focus on education and integrating people of age and expereince in efficiency programs
  4. Innoveering - innovation as the economic growth driver producing the least amount of externalities
  5. Naturaleering - promoting innovation that imitates nature
  6. Universeering - cross disciplinary and cross cultural 360 perspective on science and education, reintroducing art to educational system
  7. Internalities - social behavior of helping to reduce negative outcomes not caused by the person who solves the problem
  8. Pre-economy - using lower energy systems like virtual reality for pre-simulation of planning, production and distribution processes
  9. Insourcing - using virtual reality to create domestic jobs by creating virtual connectivity and interconnected applications
  10. Brandscapes - landscapes for brands
  11. brand colonies- people who inhabit brandscapes
  12. Mindscapes - educational virtual destinations that promote fully immersive, engaging learning experience
  13. Telezones - entertainment related television industry driven virtual spaces for entertainment, retail and commerce
  14. Inspirisements - conversational advertisements that are not promoting a "hard sale"
  15. TVR - device to watch TV and enter VR (virtual reality)
  16. Heartware- interest driven 3d internet applications using software on demand to deliver positive inspiring or motivational content
  17. Abstraction funnel - step by step process turning an original experience (real world event)  into an abstact format (text) in order to use less energy for storage or processing
  18. Peace City Slide - exponential curve appearing in molecular biology, internet networks, social networks, economics, psychology and more


Why we do what we do:

Help You Save Money
Less Stress! More Air!



Avoiding killer levels of smog

Avoiding The Down-Turn: Out of gas! - Out of money! - Out of Security!



Avoiding Stress, saving time: It could take you 0 (zero) minutes to "drive" to your office!



The New Freedom: Your cubicle just become open and mobile!



What would you do with almost 1 entire month extra time? How about the  vacation you always wanted to take?
Something to look forward to: One Day A Month ... One Day A Week ... or more



Being Closer To Family and Friends







10 years
10 000 participants
28 thousand years on the road every day
The energy crises
The economic crises
The Features of the Green Global Office
The underlying philosophy
The Future
The Makers





































































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