Our mission is to create happier, healthier and more prosperous lives for everyone we interact with.

We created this area to LISTEN TO YOUR NEEDS.

Since nothing in this universe is perfect we have upgraded what some call customer care to customer love room (as the acronym below).

Please let us know which problems we can help you solve better, which of your problems or challenges we should work on and which questions we are not asking that we should be asking.  You can even tell us about things that are not obviously related to Green Global Offices as long as there is something that you would want us to do to assist you in improving your life or business.







  • Spend more time with your family and friends

  • Avoid killer-traffic frustration

  • Freedom to work where you want (tropical island? Mountain Top? River bed?

  • Add FUN back into FUNctionality


  • Minimize Your Stress

  • Live more Organic

  • Live more in tune with your natural sleep schedule


  • Combine cutting edge technology with wisdom of the ages

  • Expand your repertoire of communications tools to include 3d


  • Energize your future

  • Empower your children







  • cut operational costs, real estate costs,

  • travel costs, parking costs, gas or diesel costs, airfare,

  • electricity costs office equipment costs...


  • show your good corporate citizenship

  • use an honest way to become a greener company


  • instant team meetings, instant customer meetings,

  • instant focus groups, instant sales meetings,

  • instant audience live events, instant promotional events,

  • instant local and global activities


  • happier work is better work

  • better and more comfortable working conditions create higher focus & better quality

  • greater productivity means greater profits

  • "Humanize" your technology

  • FREE workshops for members




Find out what drives us and how we intend to get there. Green Global Offices is made by Peace City: 


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